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Program information is the online shop for electric scooters, scooters and electric vehicles in Germany. Thanks to our extensive range of vehicles and our low prices, we address almost every target group.

Easy vehicle purchase at - All our vehicles are delivered ready to drive. So the customer can simply get on and drive off. Our standard shipping is always free. If there should be problems with a vehicle, our Germany-wide mobile workshop service will take care of all problems directly at the customer's.

Your advantages as a publisher:

Cookie lifetime 30 days
High compensation for vehicle sales
A lot of attention through Germany-wide campaigns with large mail order companies and discounters (Otto, Lidl, Aldi)
Low cancellation rate
XML data feeds for all rewarded products

End customer benefits:

Simply order the vehicle online
no hidden costs
Free standard shipping and returns
On request, premium shipping with instruction on the vehicle by the company's own forwarding agent and driver
Ready-to-drive delivery of all vehicles
Germany-wide on-site workshop service directly at the customer

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Our vehicle classes at a glance

electric scooter
Compared to other motor vehicles, the electrification of scooters is the most advanced. Electric scooters are particularly suitable for urban use and meet the current modern, environmentally conscious spirit of the times. With our eRetro Star, we currently offer the cheapest electric scooter on the market. Our SLI3, SLI4 and SLI5 models are among the cheapest electric scooters in their class with a removable double battery system. The product range is completed by the SLI6 max and SLI8 max. A speed of up to 75 km/h is possible.

The classic motor scooter is still very popular, but is gradually being replaced by the electric scooter. With our Retro Star, we are offering what is probably the most frequently sold scooter in Germany at a reasonable price.

mobility scooters
With our electric vehicles, we address an older target group. The mobiles are mainly purchased and driven by seniors or people with disabilities. This affluent target group in particular is growing more and more online. In the meantime, our bestseller Bendi has become known throughout Germany through campaigns in the Apotheken Umschau.

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