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Oltre is one of the 11 brands of the Miroglio Group; born in 2001, today, it is represented by 208 mono-brand stores in the Italian peninsula.

Oltre is a chain of women’s fashion stores offering quality clothing with lines that are always feminine, elegant and contemporary. It is a Lifestyle brand for everyone who loves a chic, comfortable style that inspires and brings out the best in women by taking care of their look. Oltre is the only regular brand on the Italian market presenting an extended size range with a fitting that follows the body proportions of real women. Oltre provides customers with a unique welcome and service by providing an engaging shopping experience.

The Oltre woman is someone that can say she has achieved a few of her aims in life: she has a good job, a successful career, a partner or husband, and one or two children. For sure, to hold it all together her days should be 30 hours long, but she has perfected the skill that all women 4.0 like her has: the ability to do 4 things at the same time, and if something goes wrong (and there’s always something that does...) to play it down, lightly making fun of herself and moving “OLTRE” (beyond).

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