Suop ES 2

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  • Approval rate 93.8%
  • Cookie lifetime 30 days
  • CR 0%
  • Avg. hold time 53 days
  • Average payment time 53 days

Program information

Description of the program

With our affiliate program you will be able to impact and monetize the traffic of those demanding users with their mobile company, who are looking for alternative options to traditional operators and their less honest practices.

Similarly, our program represents an opportunity to generate income from users who are most concerned about saving on mobile phones.

We want to establish a close and lasting relationship with affiliates. Talk to us if you want personalized materials or want to propose an ad hoc action. We are open to suggestions!

Suop is the first fiber, mobile telephony and electricity operator managed by its users. We involve customers in the management of the operator to achieve the highest level of satisfaction in the sector: 90% of our users recommend us with a score equal to or greater than 7. In exchange for their contributions, they receive points that can be exchanged for free credit and money via PayPal.

In a sector that leads the claims rankings every year, this is a milestone as well as a very powerful sales argument for capturing users who are disenchanted with other operators.

On the other hand, customers can customize their rate, combining the voice and data vouchers at their own pace to adapt it to their needs almost in real time.


The activation of the SIM by the user is necessary for the sale to be considered valid. Due to Suop's exclusive on-demand and activation process, SIM card activation takes between 3 and 10 days on average from the moment the user requests it at

Payment of commissions for portability subject to a minimum permanence of the line of 30 days.

SEM campaigns: check with the advertiser beforehand.

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