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Program information

we create cosmetics, and we still want to do it even better. Better, that is, smarter, more ecological, more accurate. That is why today, instead of molecules, gold particles, caviar and other "seasonal hits", we use safe, effective plant ingredients. It is not the molecule that is intelligent here, but the care.

more sensible, right?

our main values ​​are: simplicity, authenticity and transparency.

we create our cosmetics for those who know that a healthy look is a matter of common sense. We also believe that the most important thing when buying is knowing all the pros and cons. That is why we want and like to speak directly about ourselves.

when we say "little big care" we mean everyday, small but well thought-out activities, because we believe that the sum of small things gives a big effect.


composition of cosmetics

our cosmetics are hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. We create them from absolutely necessary ingredients. No improvers. No foaming substances. We also do not use artificial dyes, thanks to which our cosmetics have a natural color. But we don't want to pretend we're perfect. Because we are constantly developing by eliminating or reducing the amount of preservatives. We have clear goals and we don't lose faith. We take a step forward every day.

Benefits of working with tołpa®

A wide range of products
Numerous promotions and discounts
Free delivery from 99 PLN
Shipping up to 72h

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