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E-mail Marketing

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E-mail marketing is an advertising tool for attracting target traffic via e-mail lists, relying on a subscriber base of people who consented to receive the emails. Collect your own base using special subscription forms on your site, such as the following:

The subscriber base should be segmented by various criteria at the address collection stage, such as by gender, age and so on. If you have a coupon site, you can prompt the user to subscribe to coupons & deals from the particular store that are interesting or recommend other similar stores. Don't send users too many offers. This will make them unsubscribe from your mailing list or chuck your e-mails to spam.

Required tools

  • Deeplink generates affiliate links that lead the user directly to the required page on the advertiser's site. For example, in your e-mail notifications, you can inform users of sales at e-stores and generate a Deeplink directly to the Sale section of the e-store cooperating with you.
  • The SubID tool lets you mark links in your e-mails, such as by the recipient e-mail address, so you can tell which links and recipients make you money and which don't when analyzing the reports. Afterwards, you'll be able to segment the group of subscribers who are more likely to buy items on sale.
Ana sayfaya geri dön