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"Dynamic ads" tool shows ads for Aliexpress products to the users based on their browsing behavior on and the content of your website, so that a users see ads for only those products that they are interested in. Such targeting helps to increase the click-through rate of your ad and thus your reward. You can find more information about this tool in Help center.

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The world’s largest Internet Freedom & Privacy Platform.  

Our Hotspot Shield application is trusted by more than 400 million users from 200 countries.

VPN technology enables you to send encrypted data over previously unencrypted networks. Besides providing you with private and secure Web browsing, VPNs such as Hotspot Shield VPN provide many other important benefits. Compared to a web proxy, VPN also offers much better security and privacy online.

Benefits of VPN

- Unblock websites

- Enjoy anonymous web browsing

- Get complete Wi-Fi security

- Protect your bank info, passwords & downloads from snoopers

Hotspot Shield VPN is the most trusted VPN in the world with over 200 million downloads. It is available for Mac, Windows, iPhone/iPad & Android devices.

Benefits of Hotspot Shield VPN:

  1. Unblock websites - Unblock YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or sites at school, the library, or your office with Hotspot Shield VPN. You can bypass filters and firewalls set by your network administrator to gain access to your favorite content.
  2. Anonymous surfing - Because of privacy and security concerns, you may want to browse the Web anonymously. Hotspot Shield Free VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and our servers to let you conduct your online activities (visit the websites you want, make online transactions, download files) anonymously, without being tracked and spied upon.
  3. Hide your IP address - The Internet is infested with spammers, snoopers, and hackers. They silently monitor your online activities and steal your sensitive data like credit card information and passwords when you least expect it. If you connect with Hotspot Shield enabled, you get a new US IP address to mask your actual IP address and surf the Internet anonymously.
  4. Private & secure browsing - VPN offers an enhanced level of security online. Whenever you connect to the Internet through Hotspot Shield VPN, your data, including passwords, financial transactions and instant messages, is secured and encrypted. Additionally, your personal information is hidden from web spies.
  5. Wi-Fi security - If you browse the Internet at a public Wi-Fi hotspot like the Starbucks in your town, anyone on that network can monitor and spy on your web activities. Irrespective of where you connect from, a personal VPN secures your web browsing session and keeps your private data considerably more private.
  6. Malware protection - Hotspot Shield VPN will alert you if you visit sites that are known to contain malware, and then block the site. It detects and blocks more than 3.5 million malicious, phishing and spam sites from infecting your device.

Publishers advantages:
1) Special landings in 12 languages!

Negative keywords list

Hotspot Shield INT affiliate program

Genel kurallar

If it is determined that the Publisher traffic is in violation of any of the terms, any future commissions and current open orders from the Publisher will be rejected.

General Terms

Rules for Partners Participating in AnchorFree Hotspot Shield’s Affiliate Partner Program Definitions:

"AnchorFree Trademark” is defined as any trademark or registered trademark of AnchorFree, OR any misspellings of said trademark, OR any word that includes either said trademark or a misspelling of said trademark. "Misspelling" is defined as any word that varies from the a trademark of AnchorFree by either one or two characters, to include missing characters, extra characters, wrong character sequences, or wrong key pressed, OR any word that is confusingly similar to a trademark of AnchorFree.

AnchorFree prohibits affiliate partners from engaging in any of the activities mentioned below.

AnchoreFree reserves final judgment on whether an affiliate abuses any of the following rules. As an affiliate partner, YOU CANNOT:

1) Own a domain which includes any AnchorFree trademarks. Domains containing the registered trademark "Hotspot Shield" and “HSSELite” are expressly prohibited.

2) Engage in typosquatting, or own a typo domain. A typo domain is any domain that includes a trademark of any 3rd party, or misspelling of a 3rd party trademark.

3) Operate or utilize a website, or email a link to a website, which contains or promotes the following types of content: libelous, defamatory, obscene, abusive, violent, bigoted, hate-related, illegal, cracking, hacking, or that offer illegal goods or services.

4) Use copycat sites, or copy any content or images from any AnchorFree website, including Hotspot Shield branded material and images. Affiliate partners may only use content and images specifically designated for affiliate partners and obtained via the affiliated partner program, OR any material that has been allowed via written communication with AnchorFree.

5) Promote AnchorFree products using spam or unsolicited commercial email.

6) Commit fraud, or submit fake transactions

7) Use adware to promote AnchorFree products. The use of parasites (programs that steal traffic from legitimate affiliates) is strictly prohibited.

8) Display the Hotspot Shield logo in the header of a webpage that is promoting Hotspot Shield products.

9) Display the Hotspot Shield logo on a webpage unless: a) the webpage is marketing AnchorFree products b)the webpage prominently displays the logo of the business that owns or operates the website in the header of the webpage.

Any affiliates in breach of these rules will not receive commissions on any sales generated from those keywords, and legal action may be taken.


Paid Search Terms

1. AnchorFree does not allow any affiliate search marketing or PPC (pay-per-click) advertising without written approval from the AnchorFree Affiliate Team.

This includes:

a. Not bidding on AnchorFree brand name, Hotspot Shield, and Hotspot Shield Elite product name, misspellings, and/or derivations.

b. The following keywords must be added to negative match: “AnchorFree”, “Hotspot Shield”, “Hotspot Shield Elite”.

2. Affiliates interested in participating in paid search marketing for any of the AnchorFree affiliate program must contact the AnchorFree Affiliate Team for written approval via ticket system in admitad. 

3. If approved for search marketing, AnchorFree affiliates are not to use branded ( or product (,, etc.) URL’s as display URL’s in their advertisements. This includes misspellings and derivatives (i.e.

4. If approved for search marketing, AnchorFree affiliates are not allowed to direct link, frame, or engage in any other forms of “arbitrage” search engine marketing.

5. If approved for search marketing, AnchorFree affiliates are not to out-position any corporate paid search ads on trademarked terms (“AnchorFree”, “hotspot shield”, “hotspot shield elite”, etc.), misspellings or derivatives.

6. If approved for search marketing, affiliates are not to advertise any coupon or discount in ad copy on trademarked terms unless the keyword is accompanied by a discount term such as “anchorfree discount”, “hotspot shield coupon”, etc.

7. Affiliates are not to use ad copy that represents the ad as the corporate ad, official site, or other misleading copy.

8. Affiliates are not to use ad copy that misrepresents or defames any AnchorFree brand or entity.

Any affiliates who are not approved for search engine marketing, or are found in violation of these policies will be subject to corrective action up to and including withheld commissions and program deactivation.

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