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Terms of the program "Travel Insurance " in Zetta Insurance Company:

1) Basic insurance risks (included in the basic package):

  • Medical transportation
  • Posthumous repatriation of the body
  • Return after prolonged hospitalization
  • Emergency dental care
  • Medical expenses for people going abroad
  • Evacuation of children
  • Accommodation and transportation of a third party

2) Additional insurance risks:

  • Third party visit
  • Early return of the insured person
  • Loss or theft of documents
  • Death, loss, damage of luggage
  • Trip interruption
  • Delay of a regular flight
  • Legal assistance
  • Civil liability to third parties

3) Insured person - an individual, a citizen of any country in the world

4) Sum of insurance coverage - 35,000, 50,000, 75,000 or 150,000 dollars / euro

5) The minimum period of insurance validity is 2 days


The uniqueness of this program is that any individual (citizen of any state!) can acquire an insurance. The only condition is that the person has to speak at least some Russian in order to fill out the forms and pay for an insurance on the website of the Russian insurance company. If an insurance event occurs, the client will be supported by an international partner company not by an insurance company itself.

The partner company has contracts with medical institutions and other necessary organizations in the host countries, the task of these companies is to provide you with comprehensive support and assistance if an insurance event occurs. Such companies have an official representative who speaks both local and English language, so he can assist the clients throughout their stay in a host country.

The partner companies offer their services to the citizens of any state; the only requirement is that you have to possess valid travel insurance with Zetta Insurance Company.


Licensed by the Central Bank of Russian Federation

Yours faithfully,

Partner program Zetta Travel Insurance INT CPS

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