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Price comparison services

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This business model provides a price search and comparison service for similar products in various e-stores. What is it for and when does it work?

Sometimes the price of the same product by the same brand differs by dozens of percent at different e-stores. This can happen for several reasons: a special offer or sale at one of the shops, or a coupon or promo code for a category of goods that includes the product you need.

For example, in the picture you can see that you can choose from several coats within the € 60 range, although the price of the first two coats before the discount was almost € 100. Buyers are motivated by the opportunity to buy a high-quality item at a large discount.

Admitad's Product Feeds tool lets you download an XML feed for items in the product categories and advertisers you need, and then use it to create a price comparison service. The download contains all the product information required to create a price comparison service.

Required tools

  • Our Product Feeds section gives you access to downloads of over 6,000,000 items in the format you need
  • Admitad's SubID tracking lets you tell which product category makes you a profit.
  • Using the Deeplink Generator, you can send the user to a specific page or product category—for example, to items currently available at discounted prices.


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