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Originally founded in 2017 at the Paloma Beach Club in the South of France following an iconic meeting with a charismatic man from Monaco by the name of Christopher Cloos, the Danish eyewear company has been expanding quickly and cementing themselves as one of the fastest growing eyewear companies in the Scandinavian region. Having travelled around the globe to find the best materials, the company has ensured a first-class customer experience with everything from product to packaging. Operating from two main offices in Europe and New York, Christopher Cloos is continuously expanding with recent launches in Sweden and Germany, while maintaining their biggest market in North America. Christopher Cloos eyewear is available in over 500 stores globally.


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Check out our website to discover the timeless Cloos Collection and learn more about the brand. 

Categories: Sunglasses, Accessories, Blue Light Protection Glasses, Prescription Glasses, Timeless Eyewear

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