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Grand RolePlay is a 3D role-playing game based on GTA 5 that simulates real life. The gaming setting consists of the city of Los Santos, home to thousands of players. Players can create a character with any appearance;
choose a profession (policeman, military, doctor, pilot, politician, etc.) or participate in illegal activities (gangs, bikers, mafia, etc.); start their own business, build a large company; buy real estate, cars, yachts, clothes, accessories; get a pet; build relationships and create families.
Also, dozens of different entertaining mechanics have been created for players such as wars between families and gangs, sports betting, casinos, PUBG mode, in-game social network, street races, etc.


  • RolePlay world of GTA 5 with thousands of other players
  • Character creation with any appearance
  • A wide selection of clothing and accessories 
  • Choice of profession and career path
  • Creation of your own company and business development
  • Buying a house, car, yacht and plane
  • Great car tubing system 
  • Lots of entertainment: racing, shooting games, casinos, etc.
  • Opportunity to play with popular bloggers and streamers

Benefits for webmasters

  • Wide range of traffic sources
  • Timely remuneration payments


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