Hirmer Grosse DE

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  • Approval rate 60%
  • Cookie lifetime 30 днів
  • CR 0.1%
  • Avg. hold time 60 днів
  • Average payment time 61 днів

Program information

Welcome to Hirmer BIG & TALL - the specialist for plus-size men's fashion

The online shop www.hirmer-grosse-groessen.de is a sales channel of the market leader for men's fashion in plus sizes in D/A/CH: Hirmer BIG & TALL operates 15 branches, and the trend is growing.

A large selection of exclusive top brands is offered from Boss and Hilfiger to Signum, Eterna and Jacques Britt - from "normal" oversize (56-72, XXL-8XL) to "stocky" (28-38) to "long". (110-130, LT-3XT).

Benefits for customers:
- Large article availability
- Payment options: PayPal, direct debit, immediate transfer, cash on delivery, credit card
- Fast delivery & free returns
- 5.95 € shipping flat rate in D/A
- Free in-store delivery

Advantages for you & high earning potential through:
- Commission for fashion-related content publishers: 11.2%
- Commission voucher publisher, cashbacker: 3.7%
- (per valid net order)
- Cart: €200 - €300
- Above average conversion rate
- low cancellation rate
- Cookie lifetime: 30 days
- Product data feed: updated daily
- Sale processing: usually after 5 weeks
- High-conversion advertising media, also created on request
- Contact person
- Regular affiliate newsletter

Tracking switch: last cookie wins with 30 min. basket freeze:
If a user starts the ordering process in the online shop by placing products in the shopping cart, the last tracking information set on the order completion page is used for a period of 30 minutes in order to assign the order to the respective channel (so-called "basket freeze").

Voucher sites will not be allowed into the program. Only voucher codes that have been communicated by us via affilinet may be advertised. The application of other codes will result in the cancellation of the partnership!

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