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ustPark Affiliate Programme

JustPark is Europe's largest marketplace for pre-booked parking spaces.

The UK parking market is worth £2.8 billion.  JustPark is the only platform that lets you capitalise on this, offering you up a real slice of that revenue - as well as making your users’ lives that little bit easier.

With over half a million registered drivers choosing from over 150,000 parking spaces, JustPark customers benefit from the UK’s largest selection of pre-bookable parking spaces. Founded in 2006, our unparalleled coverage and quality have made us the trusted parking partner for national organisations such as The AA and the Premier League Away Days App.

Over 97% of our drivers have rated the parking space they used with 4 stars or above, and many save over 70% when compared to the on-street parking equivalent. Parking has never been so painless.

Our Products

Prices depend on location but our average basket size is over £20, with even higher baskets at airports, around central London and in regional city centres.

Whether your website provides information on visitor attractions, cities or transport options; lets people reserve tickets for events; or sells hotels rooms, the chances are your customers are already spending thousands of pounds on parking.

Our car parks include those run by large operators such as NCP and APCOA, as well as international hotel chains Hilton Worldwide and Accor.

Peer 2 Peer Parking

We also provide spaces on residential driveways, and at hotels, schools and pubs, this is the “Peer to Peer” side of our business. By doing so, JustPark has helped tens of thousands of homeowners make millions of pounds from renting out their unused driveways and the public love to hear about it. This also enables us to provide convenient and affordable spaces where traditional parking options fail to meet the needs of drivers.

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