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Located in Austria, the heart of Europe, we design and distribute Nokia branded products, that embody the look, reliability, and quality to meet the expectations people expect from a Nokia product.

We are a unique team. We are diverse, experienced, and multinational individuals that work together to overcome challenges and ensure to deliver the best products and services to our valued customers.

Benefits of working with us

Nokia inside and out: Not only a Licensor but also an ambassador of the Nokia brand

More than just a supplier: StreamView is a partner too

Premium after Sales Service:

55”+ onsite repair

Localized after sales

Innovative products: More TV value-added solutions to come

Tested and approved by Nokia: Meets the highest quality standards

Designed and manufactured in Europe

Regular Google updates on Android TV

5 years guarantee on all software updates from Android TV and all major apps in the Google Play Store.

A+ Panel quality: 0 pixel tolerance 

Dynamic sound system

Bluetooth remote control:

Voice search

Backlit buttons

Nokia has a 95% brand awareness in EMEA. 

TV segment is 243 billion dollars annually

TV segment has grown 65% YoY

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