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Program information specialises in selling top-quality brand-name sports footwear, clothing, accessories and equipment a low prices! Whether it’s running, football, gym, walking, golf or leisure. Whether it’s played on a pitch, on a court, indoors or outdoors. For men, women and juniors, we’re one of the top sports e-commerce sites in Europe. Affiliate Program Details:

Commission: Based on publisher type
Cookie Period: 30 days
AOV (2022): $90.00

PPC Policy:
NO BRAND TERM BASED PPC Affiliates are not permitted to bid on terms Sportsshoes and Sports Shoes. These terms should be added as negative matches for any ppc campaigns on any search engines. NO DIRECT LINKING - Affiliates are not permitted to use the URL's or in their PPC ads

Voucher Code Policy:
Please note that affiliates may only use voucher codes that are available through the affiliate program or those that have been issued directly by Gen3 Marketing and Affiliate Window. Where an affiliate is found promoting a code that has not been issued by Gen3 Marketing or Affiliate Window, we reserve the right to decline commissions. Continued use of unauthorised codes will result in programme suspension. Additionally, we do not accept any transaction that use a discount code or promotional offer not circulated by Gen3 Marketing or Affiliate Window. For more information please contact support or your personal manager.

Transaction queries: 
They need to be submitted within 6 months.

Google Shopping Terms:
Affiliate partners are NOT to promote on Google Shopping

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