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Vodafone operate a tiered commission structure to reward affiliates for higher value sales.

Vodafone’s payment scheme rewards affiliates every time a customer successfully signs up for a contract, with commission paid at least two full calendar months after the customer has signed up. Sales will be declined if the product is returned within 30 days and/or the Vodafone account to which the product is registered, is in a ‘collections’ status at the point of validation (i.e. 2 full calendar months after they took out the product).

Conversion to contract is still very important and will be monitored, so we are able to tell you how many of your applications convert into connected contracts each month. Please note, if your conversion from application to contract is exceptionally below average, this may affect your commission payments. We will contact you immediately if this happens and work with you to alleviate the problem.

Vodafone also offer a range of products, plans and features that are specifically created for small businesses. Beyond the market leading coverage, generous data allowances, unlimited minutes and texts, Vodafone Business customers have access to features that make running your business day-to-day a whole lot easier.

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