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Wild is the latest in natural deodorant delivered straight to your home. Aluminum free with compostable, plastic free refill packs making it a 100% effective recipe.

Based in the UK, Wild uses the forces of the natural world to create an effective, long lasting deodorant. This is aluminum and paraben-free, also not tested on animals and vegan recipe.

The stylish and reusable Wild applicator is made of aluminum and reusable plastic to last. The natural deodorant is now 100% biodegradable. That means it's the first plastic-free deodorant refill pack. It is an innovative product that pushes the boundaries of sustainability in the personal care category. After launching in April 2020, Wild has collected 100,000 customers, sold 300,000 deodorants and over 3,000 5-star reviews on Trustpilot.

From €12 and the refills available on subscription from €5 each, Wild offers 6 fresh scents for every mood; Coconut Dreams (coconut), Mint Fresh (mint), Rose Blush (rose), Bergamot Rituals (bergamot), Orange Zest (orange), and Toffee Apple (candied apple). Wild also offer 4 shell colors.

Wild is the UK's number 1 natural deodorant company, pushing the boundaries of sustainability and natural products.

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