Treebo Hotels [CPS] IN

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  • EPC 237$
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  • Cookie lifetime 30 Tage
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Program information

Company Description: Treebo, formerly known as Zipotel, was founded in March 2015. Treebo offers a chain of affordable and quality hotels to travelers. It partners with small, standalone hotels to improve their customer service quality and marketing efforts.Treebo covers everything travelers need for comfortable stay

Treebo Hotels Promise:

1. Clean & Fresh: Room, Bed-linen, Towels will always be clean and fresh

2. Assured Essentials: Free Wi-fi, Free breakfast, AC, TV, Toiletries and all other essentials assured.

3. Room Service: Issues in case reported will be resolved in 30 Minutes

Campaign Description: Treebo will give a chance for the publisher to earn the commission as soon as a user books through publisher's link through Web.

Objective: The main objectives are:

a) To increase awareness about Treebo.

c) To increase sales and generate revenue.

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