Lets Shave [CPS] IN Programa de Afiliación Mexico

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Información sobre el Programa de Afiliados en Mexico

Company Description: LetsShave was founded on the desire to provide high-quality hair removal products and bring changes to boring routines in people's lives at a fair price. Sidharth Shanker Oberoi, Founder & CEO LetsShave, began the journey in 2012 at a University Dorm in the United States, with the core value of providing Value, Quality, Fair Pricing, and World-Class Technology to every customer on the planet. We have made history by developing the world's first 6-Blade razor with a precision trimmer blade and launching India’s first V-Shaped BALLS trimmer. LetsShave products are now available globally via our website letsshave.com and on Amazon; thus expanding so that we reach every human and give them the LetsShave Experience.

Campaign Description: LetsShave provides and opportunity to the affiliates to earn good revenue if sale is made through affiliate link.

Target Geo  : PAN India

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