Teal and Terra [CPS] IN Programa de Afiliación Mexico

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Información sobre el Programa de Afiliados en Mexico

Company Description - Portia Global (estd. 2017) launched a high-quality natural skin and hair care products under the brand name of Teal & Terra, with the aim of formulating a unique combination of premium beauty care products that are 100% chemical free, paraben free, natural and gentle to the skin and hair. Teal & Terra pioneered Onion and Castor Oil products, and they take pride in being the first to offer the product in the market, which subsequently others tried to replicate. However, they are no match to their quality and price. It has become a rage in the beauty industry post Teal and Terra's launch. Their products are completely organic beauty and healthcare brand designed to provide natural and high quality products. All their products are safe, effective for consumers, and environment-friendly. They dedicate their resources to the organic culture, to research, and develop the most innovative natural beauty products with the quality you expect and deserve. Through the use of high-quality essential oils, aloe vera gel, and other naturally derived extracts and other healthy ingredients, sustainable practices, and wellness-minded goals, they strive to build confidence amongst consumers that allows them to create your own standard of beauty.

Campaign Description - This is a Cost per Sale campaign where the publishers need to drive traffic on Teal and Terra's website.

Target/Region - Worldwide

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