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Informacje o Programie Partnerskim w Polska

Cambly helps you improve your English by giving you instant access to friendly native English speakers on your computer or mobile device!

Executive Summary:

In our works, we give importance to a good understanding of what the product is, explaining why it can be useful, and inviting the audience to action. While doing this, it’s better not use the sentences in the brief one-to-one, but interpret what you get from this text with your own sentences.

You can learn more about our audience and what Cambly is from the guide below:

Main Slogans:

  • Achieve your goals and dreams by practicing English with Cambly.
  • Focus on your goals, dreams and yourself in the new season.
  • Make the biggest investment in yourself. Start improving yourself today.
  • The end of the summer season, back to reality, hold on to your work, school. Try to do well what you do. I know English is very important for your career and academic goals, so don't miss this discount from Cambly.
  • Enjoy Big Discount
  • Don't Miss the Opportunity
  • Invest in Yourself
  • Take the Right Step for Yourself
  • Start Improving Yourself Today
  • Start Today

What audience are we addressing?

- White-collar workers, young professionals between the ages of 25-35

- People with middle-upper income level who wants to improve themselves and get better in their career

- Those who are preparing for IELTS or TOEFL exam, interview abroad / job seekers

- People who seek motivation and focus on self-development

Brief information about Cambly that you can use in your content:

- Cambly: An application where you can learn and practice English online and on video with Native English Speakers. It was developed by two former Google engineers. It has more than 10 million users all over the world.

- Education: Our aim is to help individuals overcome their fear of English, to connect with different cultures and practice easily for those who do not have the opportunity to go abroad, to express themselves comfortably in a foreign language without being embarrassed and bored, and while doing this we provide them a high quality English education with only Native English speaking tutors from all over the world.

- Tutors: All of them are native speakers of English and it is possible to find many tutors online 24/7. The profiles of the tutors include their resumes and experiences, and the choice of instructors is entirely up to the students. It is possible to find an expert trainer in every subject.

- Lessons: We leave it up to our students to choose lesson days, hours and topics, we have a flexible system. Of course, our tutors are also helpful. Our students can schedule their lessons according to their personal schedules and intensity. If they can not make a reservation and have spare time, they can just connect to a tutor instantly without any reservation too. 

- Our students: People who have goals and aim to improve themselves. They can use our application to improve their English level, to speak fluently, to prepare for interviews & foreign language exams.

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