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Company Description - 82°E is a modern Indian self-care brand that is on a mission to make the practice of self-care a simple, joyful, and effective part of your everyday. Their co-founder, global Indian icon, Deepika Padukone is passionate about building a trusted global platform that reflects her beliefs and inspires people to live authentic and well-balanced lives. Led by scientists and backed by extensive research, 82°E offers high-quality and effective products with an Indian ethos. Launching in 2022 with skincare as their first category, they plan to expand to other categories that support their holistic self-care approach. By bringing together product performance, enriching content, and a supportive community, they envision a platform that creates a wholesome experience for their consumers.

Campaign Description - This is a Cost per Sale campaign where the publishers need to drive sales on 82e's website

Target/Region- PAN India

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