Cunt Empire [CPP] Many Geos

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  • EPC 1$
  • Approval rate 100%
  • Cookie lifetime 30 days
  • CR 0.3%
  • Avg. hold time 64 days
  • Average payment time 65 days

Program information


Flow is very simple and is clear for everyone. User doesn’t need to sign up before playing, it’s on voluntary basis.

Cpa for tutorial finish - pixel fires when user pass unskipable totorial which starts from first ingame second. Flow:

  1. game starts

  2. unskipable tutorial (10-15 minutes)

  3. pixel fires User even dont need to sign up, its not mandatory, just play the game for a little time.

  • Tracking link directs to the game starting page.

  • Tracking link is Multi-Geo, its actual for all outlined countries.

  • All prelandings are available in "Transits" near the tracking link.

  • You can choose any of the following landing page links and all traffic will be flowing through it. Tracking link may change depending on the chosen landing page link.

  • Only desktop traffic is allowed. Mobile devices are not supported.

  • Best performing traffic sources:

  • Adult networks and sites, especially hentai, adult games/cartoons/comics.

  • Facebook

  • Native ads

  • Pop ads

  • Banner ads

KPI: Over 15% tutorials should result in a sign up. 


Join the new affiliate program - Cunt Empire [CPP] Many Geos!

Join the kinky world of hot and passionate adult shows. Your task is to transform your state-of-the-art studio into a factory for the production of the best girls. Explore every inch of the city in search of desperate girls crazy enough to perform in public. The more famous your studio becomes, the more potential models will stand at your door. Real models such as Little Caprice, Liya Silver, Apolonia Lapiedra are also available for hire. Building an empire is tedious work, but very enjoyable. Balance, care and upgrade your studio to meet the growing needs of your naughty models.

What attracts users to the game - Cunt Empire [CPP] Many Geos!

  • Take your amateur studio to the next level
  • Interview and hire attractive models
  • Your decisions affect your earnings
  • Sensual images and art
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