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King Arthur has fallen in battle at the hands of his treacherous nephew Mordred. His legendary sword, Excalibur, now awaits its new wielder and the future king of a glorious united nation. Could the new king be you? Build your own kingdom and find alliances to defend your people. Use your dragons against your enemies and conquest new territories. Become the ruler of every realm!

King of Avalon is a 4X strategy MMO inspired by the legend of King Arthur. Players must build a powerful empire from scratch by upgrading buildings, enhancing the strength of their army, forming player alliances, and conquering the surrounding world of medieval Europe.

- CLASSIC MEDIEVAL WAR: Fantasy medieval England awaits you. Build a mighty city, raise a great army, train your magical dragon, and wage war against the enemy!
- CRAFT THE PERFECT STRATEGY: War is more than about just how many troops you have. Research and master attack and defense skills to gain the edge over your opponents. Plan for smart invasions and avoid combat when it makes sense to win the war!
- BUILD A KINGDOM: As the war rages, you’ll need somewhere to claim as the heart of your new empire. Build the foundations of a kingdom strong enough to survive the ravages of a dragon-fire warzone!

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