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Program information

LACOSTE is one of the most famous and most recognizable European brands, founded in 1933 by the great tennis player Rene Lacoste.
Currently, without abandoning its sporting roots, LACOSTE brand represents a wide line of casual and lifestyle clothing. The boutique presents a line of men's and women's clothing for everyday life and active pastime. Here you will find beautiful top-quality knitwear, elegant jersey sets, stylish dresses and blouses, shirts, trousers and unique bird-pique polos that have become the hallmark of the brand!
Now, LACOSTE is the only original sports brand to be presented at New York Fashion Week.
LACOSTE has a sophisticated style that emphasizes on a vibrant personality. Following the latest fashion trends, the LACOSTE brand retains its completely special look. This is clothing designed for pleasure, comfort.

1) Brand
In parallel with on-line advertising, there is an active off-line promotion.
2) A wide range of products -> reaching a large audience
The product collection contains all categories of products.
3) Official site -> quality guarantee for clients
Link to the site is given from the LACOSTE Official site. This removes the potential buyer’s doubts about the originality of the products presented.
4) High-quality promotional materials
We provide images participating in LACOSTE advertising campaigns and recognized around the world.
5) For the most successful webmasters, individual working conditions will be offered. 

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