Admitad at VTEX Day 2023 – Sao Paulo

Digital transformation refers to the process of incorporating and adopting digital technologies across all areas of an organization in order to create a competitive advantage and stay relevant in an ever-changing environment. However, we know that this process goes beyond the implementation and integration of technologies, it involves a cultural and organizational change, where companies need to adapt to new ways of working and be open to continuous experimentation and learning.

Many companies are willing to go through the digital transformation process, several were even forced to embark on this journey earlier than planned (due to the covid-19 pandemic, for example), but regardless of the reason or the moment, one thing is certain, each company is in a different moment of digital transformation, and this is the concept of digital maturity.

Are you ready for digital transformation?

Here at Admitad, we always try to make the most of our ability to create, develop, use, and adapt digital technologies to ensure competitive advantages and innovation in our solutions and processes, which is why it makes perfect sense for us to be present at Vtex Day, the biggest retail digital transformation event in Latin America.

This year, on the 5th and 6th of June, this event will take place in São Paulo, bringing together retailers, suppliers, and influencers. In addition to networking for the expected audience of up to 25,000 people, there will be 8 stages where we will listen, learn and share with top speakers and great daring minds.

We don’t want to overshadow one of the greatest supermodels in the world, who also works in defense of environmental causes, successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, Gisele Bündchen, who will take the main stage, but part of the Mitgo and Admitad team will be there too. 😎

Are you ready to talk about digital transformation and the full potential of new technologies for your business with some superstars from our team? So you have to meet Bruno Acar, Caiki Flaeschen, Bruno Trindade and more members of our team there 😉

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See you at Vtex Day!

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