Admitad introduces “Rise” – a new solution to assist small and medium businesses in expanding through affiliate marketing

Admitad introduces “Rise” – a new solution to assist small and medium businesses in expanding through affiliate marketing

Welcome to Admitad Rise – a cost-effective online marketing service for small and medium- sized businesses looking to increase online sales and reach new audiences through affiliate marketing.

In today’s digital landscape, SMEs face a real challenge – standing out among the great, growing and fierce competition out there.

Based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 20% of U.S. small businesses fail before making it through their first year. For SMEs, marketing poses a significant challenge – especially when it comes to digital, product-focused marketing in the B2C marketplace. 

All businesses, regardless of their size, are looking for wider exposure and increased conversions, all with measurable results that can help them strategically plan and drive their campaigns forward. Small and medium-sized businesses often lack the resources to allocate marketing budgets to campaigns, especially when those campaigns risk not making positive returns. 

Admitad Rise gives SMEs a new answer. This new service has been designed to give small and medium-sized businesses the tools and know-how needed to generate secure and progressive sales with lucrative return on investment (ROI) through affiliate marketing channels. 

Unlike other marketing channels, Admitad Rise is result-oriented, meaning you only pay when sales are generated on your behalf by your chosen partners. These partners may include price comparison sites, coupon partners, influencers, bloggers and more. This means that each marketing action comes with a guaranteed, positive ROI. 

By diminishing obstacles to entry such as costs and contractual obligations, Admitad Rise offers an inclusive SME solution that is within reach for everyone and every online marketing budget.

The benefits of Admitad Rise for SMEs

  1. Amplified reach and targeted exposure

Admitad Rise connects SMEs with a diverse network of affiliate partners across multiple industries and geographies. This vast network enables businesses to extend their reach, gaining exposure to new and highly-targeted audiences. By leveraging the promotional efforts of affiliates, SMEs can significantly enhance their brand visibility and attract potential new customers who are genuinely interested in their products or services.

  1. Performance-based pricing model

One of the most significant advantages of Admitad Rise is its performance-based pricing model. Unlike traditional advertising methods that often require substantial upfront investments, partner marketing allows SMEs to pay affiliates only when desired actions, such as purchases or lead generation, are completed. This cost-effective approach ensures that businesses pay for actual results, maximising their ROI and eliminating the risk of budget wastage.

  1. Cutting-edge tracking and analytics tools

Admitad Rise equips SMEs with powerful tracking and analytics tools, providing them with deep insights into the ongoing performance of their partner marketing campaigns. The platform offers comprehensive data on key performance indicators, conversion rates, customer behaviour and more. By analysing these metrics, SMEs can refine their marketing strategies, optimise their campaigns and make data-driven decisions to achieve even better results.

  1. Expert guidance and support

Admitad Rise is designed as a self-service solution. But it goes beyond just providing a platform – it offers personalised guidance and support to SMEs throughout their partner marketing journey. Either Admitad’s onboarding guides or team of experts assist businesses in selecting the most suitable affiliates, optimising campaigns and maximising their revenue potential. This guidance ensures that SMEs can make the most of the platform’s features and capitalise on the wealth of opportunities available in the partner marketing landscape.

Is there a price tag and can costs be controlled? In short, yes and yes. 

Admitad Rise offers flexible subscription plans tailored to the needs and budgetary constraints of SMEs. Each plan is designed to accommodate businesses at different stages of growth and marketing objectives. 

Upon registration for any Admitad Rise program, you can enjoy a complimentary 30-day period without subscription fees, commencing from the moment your program is initiated.

Available subscription options include:

  1. Standard Plan – This gives you everything you need to launch your first cost-efficient, self-managed program. You gain access to most features, including access to 100,000 active publishers worldwide. Although this plan is self-service, our account managers will be on-hand to support you with any technical integration.
  1. Plus Plan – What makes this plan different is the constant support you gain from dedicated account managers. They will help with the initial set up, integration and continued management of your program. You also gain access to advanced tracking and analytics capabilities, as well as bonus program features.
  1. Enterprise Plan – Tailored for larger SMEs with ambitious marketing goals that expect to make monthly partner payouts in excess of $2000, this plan includes all of the above as well as many special conditions and services.

Let’s get started with Admitad Rise together 

It won’t take long to start your affiliate marketing journey with Admitad Rise – and you’ll soon see the positive results it’ll bring to your SME. 

To get started, follow these simple steps:

  1. Register yourself as an Admitad Advertiser using the Mitgo ID registration form
  2. Choose the plan that suits you – Standard, Plus or Enterprise – and follow the payment instructions provided
  3. Follow the step-by-step online onboarding process, filling in your company and program details
  4. Launch your affiliate program 

Rise your business today by following this link.

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