Announcing a new investment service to help publishers scale-up and grow 

Publisher Investments is an innovative alternative finance service that aims to help plug the finance gap of its publishers. 

One of the biggest issues facing publishers working in the performance marketing industry is cash flow and having available resources to reinvest and grow. Admitad as a business is built upon the success of its partnerships and that of its publishers. Therefore, the decision to open an investment service to aid our publishers in bridging finance gaps seems a natural step toward – creating a further united ecosystem based on entrepreneurial support and innovative new business models.

This new Publisher Investments service aims to provide support and investment funds to Admitad’s publishers. Publishers will be eligible to receive investments amounting to between 50 000  and 500 000 US-Dollar, funds which they can then use to nurture their businesses, grow and scale-up. 

Past experience has shown how successful this model can be in creating exciting, new opportunities for both publishers and investors while making a healthy contribution to overall market development. 

Being a 100% partner-oriented company, we invest a lot of our resources in development of our partners, building a strong win-win strategy. We believe that publisher’s success directly contributes to our own, and thus, we are committed to not only offering financial support but also dedicating time and resources to mentorship, coaching, and providing access to a vast network of digital advertising contacts.

Anna Gedirim, CEO, Admitad

Admitad actively invites publishers to apply for this financing scheme, find out more and apply here.

Stay tuned for more news and updates coming your way soon. 

Here’s a call out to all our publishers. As part of our growth and scale initiative, we have just launched this program – secure your financing today!

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