Guaranteed earnings with Cashback Link tool – new terms for publishers

Guaranteed earnings with Cashback Link tool – new terms for publishers

Recently Admitad announced the release of the first in the market Cashback Link tool – a fresh alternative to standard affiliate links, aiming to increase customer retention and increase ROI for media buyers, coupon site owners, and traffic from social networks.

Cashback Link tool being still in a Beta version, already showed a high interest and demand from our publishers, so that we decided to improve tool’s usage conditions to make a huge market penetration boost. Now using the tool, publishers will get 100% commission from purchase from the advertiser, for whom the cashback link was generated. Moreover publishers will receive 50% commission on all purchases made by a referred user within 12 months. Based on Admitad stats, the amount of this commission averages $20 per user.

Why publishers should consider Cashback Link to Affiliate Link

When a publisher engages with traffic through attribution via an advertiser’s affiliate link, they may encounter various scenarios where not all traffic is fully tracked:

  • Certain types of traffic lack retention capabilities, meaning there’s no opportunity to re-engage the user and earn additional commissions. This results in losing contact with users who have generated earnings.
  • Traffic from diverse sources can be disrupted by competing traffic channels, such as marketing-driven and closure-oriented sources like coupon sites, cashback, and loyalty programs. According to Admitad, this interference can lead to a loss of up to 24% of potential orders when utilizing an affiliate link.
  • Order tracking can be negatively affected by factors like Adblock, ePrivacy, and other browser settings. Adblock alone is employed by 700 million Internet users worldwide, and in certain regions, it accounts for up to 40% of the active Internet audience.

However, a publisher utilizing a Cashback Link to manage traffic can mitigate the aforementioned risks associated with affiliate links:

  • The cashback offered to users amounts to 50% or more of the commission received by the publisher. Users are motivated to configure their browser settings or disable Adblock and similar services to ensure they receive their cashback.
  • As a publisher, you will get 100% commission from purchase from advertisers and earn a 50% commission on all purchases made by a referred user within a 12-month period. Based on statistical data, the average commission per user amounts to $20.

Cashback Link is a separated project – The Giftmio, dedicated and extremely motivated team to maximize your income from your referred users.

How cashback links works

  1. Pick up a new cashback link in account. Leave your application on the cashback link page to participate in the program and gain access to new cashback links.
  2. Use this link as before and highlight the cashback opportunity. Make sure to mention that users will need to register first to receive cashback from this purchase.
  3. Earn standard affiliate commission and additional income from future orders. Get lifetime commissions without cookie limits, averaging $30 user/yearly.

Following up on the above, Cashback Link tool allows publishers to earn significantly more from their targeted traffic in the long run. To learn more about Cashback Link, go the the Cashback Link landing page or contact us at

If you would like to discuss a personal offer, sent your request to

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