The New Sharing Rewards Feature Is Now Available For Cashback Link Tool Users

The New Sharing Rewards Feature Is Now Available For Cashback Link Tool Users

As you may know, last year we introduced Cashback Link Generator and already updated it with some new awesome features. 

With Cashback Link Generator publishers can generate links in one section without the need to visit every advertiser separately and can easily boost their revenue and stand out in the competitive affiliate marketing landscape.  

This time, we’re happy to announce an update that will enable publishers to decide on the cashback percentage they want to allocate for their customers, as well as the percentage they want to hold for themselves.

Here’re the ins and outs you should know about the new feature:

– For example, the publisher generates a link to Store A and sets the cashback percentage they want to allocate for their customers. In case the commission rate is 10% with the set publisher’s cashback percentage equal to 60%, the publisher can expect to get 40%, while GiftMio commission rate is 0%.

All subsequent purchases from Store A will take place using the similar model of commission distribution. Such a distribution will be effective for 24 months from the date of registration.

– In case the publisher has not specified the cashback percentage, a default value will be set, which is 50%. 

– The minimum cashback amount is 50%.

– In case, the customer makes a purchase in Store B, then the distribution will be as follows: the customer 50%, publisher 25%, GiftMio 25%. 

– Setting a custom cashback percentage is only available for new users. 

This way, if a registered user uses another link of that publisher or any other publishers’ link – the model of commission distribution remains the same as it was when this user registered.

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