SME partner offers digest – variety of offers and high commission rates

Working with SME businesses in affiliate marketing is worthwhile due to their niche focus, personalized relationships, flexibility, and potential for growth with high commission rates. SMEs often offer unique products and promotions, face less competition, and foster brand loyalty. Partnering with them can lead to mutually beneficial long-term relationships and contribute to local economies, making it a win-win situation for affiliates and SMEs alike.

Admitad is constantly seeking and working with SME partners and here we collected a list of recent global SME affiliate offers available worldwide:

  • AEjuice – AEJuice is a team of motion designers and software engineers. It was founded in 2015 by Jacob Syrytsia and Mark Duval.

Default rate 23.00%.

The target audience is Male 70% & Female 30%, audience age 18-24: 30%, 25-34: 40%, 35-44: 15%, 45-54: 15%. Looking for software/design software/drawing & Animation software/business services/business technology/video editing/video software/marketing services.

Default rate 6.00%.

Formovie has been committed to creating large-screen laser projection products with unique brand characteristics that integrate entertainment and smart life for consumers.

  • FitVille – Adhering to the values of Therapeutic, Comfort, and Support Technology, FitVille is on a mission to help everyone attain a healthy and active lifestyle by utilizing advanced technologies and designs of footwear. Since 2018, its proprietary “PropelCore Sole” and “Rebound Core” technologies have successfully helped over 300,000 people live more comfortable lives and relieve their foot problems. 

Default rate 11.50%.

In a crowded market like today, FitVille continues to commit itself to R&D, and inventing “Purpose-Driven” and Ergonomic footwear, insoles, activewear, and accessories for both men and women around the world.

  • Oiziz – is a company dedicated to providing a platform for artists to monetize their designs by printing them onto textiles such as fabric, bedding, blankets, loungewear and more.

Default rate 10.50%.

Target audience portrait:

  • gender – 80% Women, 20% Men
  • age – 70% customers are 20 – 45 years
  • AOV – $120
  • 80% are from big cities
  • Atomstack – Shenzhen Atomstack Technologies Co.,Ltd is an enterprise dedicated to the manufacture of smart products. Its main products are laser engraving machines and 3D printers. At the same time, it has successively improved and developed AC1 Camera, Laser Modules, Rotary Roller, Air Assist Kit, Honeycomb Working Panel, etc. to meet the market demands.

Default rate 6.00%.

  •,ltd – is a New parent-owned start-up business that designs baby and toddler clothing, accessories, or family-matching products with love and trending design! We hope that designing family essentials and gifts, will help families create and cherish the most beautiful moments with their little ones. 

Default rate 15.00%.

  • YFN Jewelry – YFN is an international handcrafted jewelry design brand founded in 1998. We value your personality as our primary mission, then we use our mature technology to create custom jewelry in quality and speed. 

Default rate 10.00%.

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