Success story

Bridging gaps, boosting returns: how Opera Cashback harnessed Admitad’s expertise

Success story: Admitad and Opera Cashback

In a rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape, Opera Cashback confronted scalability challenges while trying to manage hundreds of potential advertisers directly. Their strategic collaboration with Admitad, a prominent affiliate network, streamlined their operations, leading to a significant 40% revenue growth in just a year and a consistent rise in transaction numbers. Dive into this success story to discover how a calculated partnership can propel a platform’s reach and financial performance.

Background: Opera Cashback’s expansion


Opera Cashback, initially launched in Spain over two years ago, has since broadened its reach to eight countries, such as Germany, Ukraine, Great Britain, Brazil, and Mexico. Serving more than 1 million users, the platform partners with over 1,000 advertisers. While its primary user acquisition channel is the Opera browser, the service is compatible with other popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Opera Cashback monetizes via sponsored ads and promotions and earns commission through affiliate marketing. Users benefit from the Opera Points loyalty program, allowing them to earn points and boost their base cashback rate based on cumulative savings.


Challenge: Managing a myriad of advertisers

The introduction of the cashback service faced a hurdle: effectively managing a vast number of potential advertisers. Engaging directly with each advertiser was inefficient due to custom integration, performance monitoring, and payment processing needs. Managing this diverse range of partnerships directly was a logistical and resource-intensive nightmare. A streamlined solution was imperative.


Solution: One integration to consolidate multiple partnerships

To overcome this, Opera Cashback joined hands with Admitad, a prominent affiliate network, in 2021. This partnership streamlined the advertiser management process by consolidating multiple partnerships under a single integration through Admitad. Admitad served as a central hub, simplifying challenges posed by direct dealings with numerous advertisers. This centralization provided Opera with a holistic view of performance metrics across all advertisers. Financial transactions, previously a complex task, became more straightforward, with Opera now interacting solely with Admitad for payments.


Furthermore, Admitad’s advertising landscape was rich with market sectors that aligned with Opera Cashback’s expansion goals, including marketplaces, travel agencies, and electronics companies. This allowed Opera Cashback to grow its advertiser partnerships efficiently.

Result: Mutual growth and enhanced financials

Admitad’s approach to provide dedicated account managers to its affiliates became a game-changer for Opera Cashback. With consistent support from their account manager, Opera Cashback was able to discover new partners, ensure seamless system operations, and secure better commission rates. This level of personalization resulted in a robust user base growth and a mere 3% rate of partner drop-offs.


The financial aspect was equally promising. A year-on-year comparison of the first six months in 2022 and 2023 witnessed a staggering 40% revenue growth for Opera Cashback. Transaction numbers also showed an upward trajectory, marking a 15% surge from January to June 2023.


In summary, the synergy between Opera Cashback and Admitad stands as a testament to how affiliate marketing can elevate a platform’s outreach and financial standing. The tailored support from Admitad played a pivotal role in this success.

Andrei Stain

Business Development Director, Opera

 – One of the primary reasons we value our collaboration with Admitad is their forward-thinking approach. They’re consistently innovating and envisioning the future, engaging us in discussions about upcoming trends. This contrasts other affiliate networks, which may only sporadically introduce or update features. Admitad keeps us informed, and that’s invaluable.

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