1087 km in 3 days: Admitad launched a running challenge together with Nike Run Club

1087 km in 3 days: Admitad launched a running challenge together with Nike Run Club

2 weeks. 42 km to warm up. 5 winners.

During quarantine, many of us forgot about regular sport and communicated less with our colleagues. To support the team spirit, Admitad decided to start August in an active way: from August 1 to 15 Admitad employees participate in various activities aimed at improving physical and mental health, including Nike Run Club challenge.

“Despite working remotely, we try to stick together and involve employees in various initiatives. The Nike challenge is an opportunity to engage all Admitad offices in one common and interesting activity. We are in different time zones but we run the same challenge, compete, and overcome ourselves. I suppose we will be able to unite our international team even more during these two weeks, ” said Elizaveta Orlova, Global HR Director at Admitad.

From August 1 to 15, participants will have to run a minimum of 42 km. This way they will be able to take part in a training session with a professional Nike trainer.

For 5 runners, who overcome the longest distances, Admitad prepared certificates from 100 to 200 dollars which can be spent in Nike.

From the very beginning, our Admitad team was actively involved in the game: 101 participants immediately accepted the challenge, only 3 days after the start the total number of km exceeded 1000, and 8 runners have already covered the distance of 42 km.

“I love competitions and I was very happy to be the first one. I didn’t even expect that I have such stamina and energy reserves,” said Himani Singh, Executive Client – Servicing at Admitad India, who was the fastest in reaching 42km. 

“I never thought I could run this much. Thank you, Admitad and Nike for the motivation,” Anastasia Yershova, Legal Adviser at Admitad, shared her emotions after the run.

“I have run 38 km in the last 24 hours. This is a very cool challenge, and I suggest that we continue with this kind of initiative. Running together with colleagues gives you energy and burns your will to win, ” said Sergey Kropotov, Business Development Manager at Admitad Projects.


As some Admitad employees started running regularly for the first time, we asked Maria Lyzhina, the coach of THE NRC Moscow Running Club, how to run more correctly and efficiently:

“Listen to yourself and run at the most comfortable time of the day. Physical activity also has its own “owls” and “larks”. Activity on a particular day depends on many factors (the amount of sleep, work, stress, nutrition, etc.), and these indicators may change. There are also different concepts of easy and insignificant distance for each person based on the level of training and anthropometric data. The main thing is to run regularly!” Maria also advised beginners to pay attention to the quality of running shoes, do not neglect to work with a trainer, and increase the pace and the distance of runs gradually.

So, it’s time to find a perfect tracklist for running even longer distances, competing with colleagues and becoming better together with Admitad!

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