Admitad in Partnership with IAMAI Releases the Affiliate Marketing Research Report on the Indian Market

Admitad in Partnership with IAMAI Releases the Affiliate Marketing Research Report on the Indian Market

In today’s digital age, where marketers have an increasing dependence on cutting-edge technologies and AI-driven tools, understanding the true potential of affiliate marketing and its impact on the Indian digital landscape is of prime importance. At the recent India Affiliate Summit 2023, Admitad joined hands with the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) to unveil the “Affiliate Marketing Research Report on the Indian Market.” Kantar, a leading research company, has crafted the report as a milestone in collaborative industry efforts.

The report is a testament to the partnership of Admitad, a global affiliate network, IAMAI, and other major players in the Indian affiliate marketing ecosystem. It shares comprehensive insights into the affiliate market in India, market penetration, its share in the digital spending mix, key players, and performance statistics.

“In the ever-dynamic digital realm, this collaborative effort with IAMAI offers a much-needed compass to navigate the affiliate marketing landscape in India. This report is a testament to the industry’s commitment to the affiliate channel’s growth and true potential.”

Neha Kulwal, Managing Director of APAC and India at Mitgo

Neha is one of the chief contributors to the report and her insights have been instrumental in shaping the report’s narrative.

The report aims to add to the knowledge of key stakeholders of the digital ecosystem- marketers, publishers, advertisers, enablers, etc. By raising awareness and providing data-backed insights, the report is set to revolutionize how we perceive and utilize affiliate marketing in India. 

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