Igor Gubin becomes new head of Admitad Tapfiliate

Igor Gubin becomes new head of Admitad Tapfiliate

Affiliate and referral tracking software is a rapidly growing industry with great potential. We are convinced that in order to succeed in it, Admitad needs leaders with vast experience and bold ambitions. Igor Gubin demonstrated these qualities again and again during his work at Admitad, and we are elated to introduce him as the newly appointed head of Tapfiliate.

“An increasing number of medium and smaller clients choose affiliate or referral marketing as one of the important tools for attracting customers and promoting their business. The first logical step for them would be to cooperate with an affiliate network. But networks usually prioritize working with large clients. For others, launching and maintaining an affiliate program within the network is often too expensive, and the interface is too complicated. Therefore more and more companies want to launch and manage their own affiliate or referral program, or both.

SaaS affiliate and referral solutions allow customers to run self-managed programs at an affordable monthly subscription cost. We foresaw the rapid growth of this market, so Admitad acquired Tapfiliate in 2021. We are focused on expanding our presence in this industry and providing our clients with more tools for affiliate and referral marketing. I am sure that Igor’s experience under his management of Admitad Affiliate Network in Europe will help in the development of this business within the structure of Admitad in Europe, US and other target regions,” – said Alexander Bachmann, founder and CEO of Admitad.

Igor joined Admitad in 2016 as a business development manager for an international market. He was actively expanding Admitad presence in EU countries as well as in all English and French speaking regions. Later in 2016 he was appointed as a head of International Business Development in order to form teams with local languages for better publishers and clients onboarding. This move boosted the number of talented team members in Admitad and publishers/advertisers across the globe.

After the structure changes Igor was appointed as Regional Manager Europe in 2019 in order to focus on a specific region to gain more results and Admitad expansion. Later, Igor was offered to join the Tapfiliate team after it was acquired by Admitad. Since April 1st 2022 he has officially became a head of Affiliate & Referral Tracking Software (Tapfiliate).

“Tapfiliate is a new challenge for me and I’m more than happy to be involved instantly and take responsibility for the implementation of the strategies and plans. The idea of the product is very close to my spirit. I have a clear vision of bringing our software to a new level, taking into account my knowledge, experience and research of competitors and analogues in the market. I want to implement a creative approach and non-standard solutions. We will expand our presence in many countries, focusing on key regions as well as developing and upgrading our current solutions. The main target is to become the best affiliate and referral tracking solution on the market”, – said Igor Gubin.

Since the acquisition of Tapfiliate last year, Admitad has significantly strengthened its position in the market of affiliate and referral tracking solutions for SaaS. The appointment of Igor Gubin to a leadership position is the next important step in our development in this field. He will help us transform experience, expertise and ambition into cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

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