Instant Payout: Withdraw your earned funds faster

Instant Payout, a tool for accelerating withdrawal of funds, became available to Admitad Affiliate publishers a little less than a year ago. Many partners have found this solution convenient and improved their site efficiency by accelerating cash flow.

Instant Payout helps switching the status of the earned funds from “Awaiting Payment by the Advertiser” to “Ready for withdrawal” within 24 hours, allowing publishers to makes withdrawal of funds faster.

Instant Payout offers two modes:

  1. Manual- In order to switch the reward status from “Awaiting payment by advertiser” to “Ready for withdrawal”, the publisher has to create a request for processing funds on his own manually. If you choose this method, the reward will decrease by 7%.
  2. Automatic mode (automatic switching)- Whenever funds are added to your balance and assigned the “Awaiting payment by advertiser” status, a request to switch it to the “Ready for withdrawal” status will be automatically created in Instant Payout. If you choose this method, the reward will decrease by 5%, which will save both your effort and money.

Automatic switching is enabled with one click in your personal account. With this mode, it is easier for publishers to plan their income and reinvestment in the channel development and make more money. This automatic mode has been enabled by 80% of publishers who use the tool.

“It saves time, which is really great, because switching to the “Ready for withdrawal” status can take quite a lot of time. I work with a large number of advertisers and due to the nature of my business I need circulating funds now rather than after an unpredictable amount of time + the fee for using the automatic mode is lower compared to requesting a quick withdrawal manually,” says publisher Stanislav Evtyukhov.

We keep improving Instant Payout and connecting advertisers to it so that even more publishers can get faster payouts. The automatic mode makes you free from regular monitoring availability of certain software in the tool.

For further information on how the tool works, please visit the Publisher Help Center page.

Enable Instant Payout and get paid before an advertiser pays the bill!

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