Q3 report: A quick Sneak Peek

Q3 report: A quick Sneak Peek

The last 3 months of 2021 has seen it all. From catching up the pace to the rise in different categories and brands touching their highest peak will make it even exciting for the upcoming 4th quarter.

Top categories 

(under each segment as per no. of orders)

  • Entertainment Mobile have shown the highest growth in respect to number of orders going up to 1,30,000.
  • Apparel, Footwear and Accessories grabs the second spot with 70,000 no. of orders during the 3rd Quarter.
  • With students still learning from home, the Online education category saw 90,000 no. of orders.
  • With things getting back to normal, Loan under the financial category saw a few good numbers in the last quarter around 60,00 orders.

Top 3 offers 

(under each category as per GMV/sales)

E-Commerce Service Offers:

  1. Samsung [CPS] IN
  2. One Plus [CPS] Many Geos
  3. Flipkart [CPS] IN

Online Service Offers:

  1. Magzter [CPS] IN
  2. Udemy WW
  3. Norton [CPS] WW

Financial Services Offers:

  1. My Money Karma [CPL] IN
  2. Kotak 811 Savings Account [CPA] IN
  3. NiyoX Android [CPA] IN

Travel Offers:

  1. MMT-DF [CPS] IN
  2. HappyEasyGo [CPS] IN
  3. Goibibo Hotels [CPS] IN

Top traffic types 

(as per no. of orders & GMV)

  • Affiliate stores have seen good growth in the 3rd quarter with a huge number of 2.80 lacs orders.
  • Cashback websites stood at 2nd position in the 3rd quarter with 2.60 lacs orders.
  • Social networks helped with 1.60 lacs orders in the 3rd quarter of 2021.

Furthermore, we have analyzed that coupons website, email base and mobile app have also seen a drastic growth in the 3rd quarter compared to the 2nd quarter of 2021.

       What’s new?

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