A range of services aimed at speeding up the publisher earning process across Admitad’s affiliate network

With Instant Payout, publishers can receive rewards on the day an action is registered

Instant Payout services

Available options:


Instant Payout Lite

Admitad will settle advertiser’s debt for confirmed actions.


Instant Payout Pro beta

AI will predict the approved amount of funds from actions with “On hold” status, and Admitad will use own funds to make publisher funds available for withdrawal.

Standard Withdrawal Vs Instant Payout

WithdrawalActions validatesAdvertiser payments
Affiliate Networks60 days120 days
Instant Payout Lite60 daysInstant
Instant Payout ProInstantInstant

How Instant Payout can help

Accelerating payouts benefits both publishers and advertisers. Here are some core use cases:



Perfect for publishers, website owners, influencers, content creators and media buyers

  • Accelerates profit reinvestment and income growth
  • Improves the performance of media buying strategies
  • Prevents risk of non-payment and long delays on the advertiser side
  • Eliminates cash gaps


Perfect for cashback services, loyalty programs, coupon websites and subnetworks

  • Saves time in administration, giving you a competitive edge
  • Enables publishers to quickly reinvest their rewards, multiplying your own revenue
  • Provides an accurate overview of your financial performance

How it works


Instant Payout Lite

When a publisher has complete actions with an “Awaiting advertiser payment” status, Instant Payout Lite gives two options for speeding up this withdrawal process:


  1. Request the payment Step
  2. Wait for processing (usually takes a minute)
  3. The status changes to “Ready for withdrawal” and the funds become available


  1. To receive payouts, turn on Instant Payout Lite auto-transfers
  2. Once a day, we’ll transfer the available funds from “Awaiting advertiser payment” to “Ready for withdrawal”

You can find more details and up-to-date rates in the Help Center


Instant Payout Pro beta

When a publisher has funds with an “On hold” status, Instant Payout Pro makes these funds available for withdrawal.

  1. Instant Payout Pro’s AI will forecast how much payout you will receive
  2. Create a payout claim. The approval takes about a minute
  3. After Instant Payout Pro’s approval, funds will be listed as “Ready for withdrawal” and can be instantly withdrawn
  4. If an advertiser eventually pays more for these actions than we forecasted, the difference will be automatically added to your account

You can find more details and up-to-date rates in the Help Center

Accelerate your earning process now

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