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  • EPC 1$
  • Approval rate 96%
  • Cookie lifetime 60 days
  • CR 0.1%
  • Avg. hold time 49 days
  • Average payment time 52 days
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Information about the Affiliate Program in India

PatPat —— Cute&Fun, Quality, Great Price

PatPat is a global kids clothing brand, we pride ourselves on being unique and innovative.

We strive to be the perfect choice for parents who want their children to look stylish and feel comfortable in their clothes.

PatPat’s Mission: We make it easy for parents around the world to get cute, quality clothing for their kids that brings joy and at a value that makes them smile!

PatPat’s Brand Promise: Super Cute, Super Fun!

Super Cute + Super Fun = More Happy Moments!

Why Partner with PatPat?

1. Lucrative Commission Rates: Earn up to a whopping 20% commission!

2. Diverse, High-Quality Products: Curated for families and adored by moms worldwide.

3. Global Reach: Operating in multiple geos—United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico.

4. Amplify Earnings: Regular promotions, exclusive offers, and discounts.

5. Expert Guidance: Dedicated affiliate management team ensuring campaign optimization and maximized earnings.

6. Timely Payments: We value your time and ensure punctual repayments.

Program Details:

Commission Rate: 5%-20% (depending on performance)

Cookie Lifetime: A generous 60 days

Confirmation Rate: A stellar 96.3%


What You Need to Know

  • You may use images from the website, please do not distort these images.
  • You may not promote on any adult site, or any site that promotes race hate, religious intolerance, homophobia, sexism, ageism... You're sensible enough to know this already, but we do have to add this to affiliate terms and conditions.
  • Coupon sites, you may not promote any coupon that has not been authorized, and you must display the expiry date.
  • We have a returns policy, all pending sales will be validated after a grace period of one month, in some cases sooner but no later than six weeks after the commission has appeared in your account. We will do affiliate clawbacks based on returns, refunds, or fraudulent transactions.
  • We will manually approve all affiliates before accepting them onto the program, this is for quality control purposes. If you get rejected and you think we are in error, please email us for a second opinion.


PPC Guidelines:

  • All bidding keywords should exclude PatPat TM and any variations or misspellings of PatPat TM
  • All PPC compaigns must receive authorization from PatPat before initiation. Therefore, if you plan to promote PatPat through PPC, you must contact with us before starting the campaign. Otherwise, any non-official PPC promotion will be punished once noticed, please stop the violation immediately with 24hours. If not, all of your commissions will be cancelled without any possibility of negotiation


Questions? Let's Connect!

Have queries or eager to explore partnership prospects? Reach out to our amiable team at for a delightful discussion on our affiliate program!


PatPat: A Design, Production, Distribution & Marketing Clothing Company ALL-IN-ONE!

PatPat is a vertical online retailer that controls all aspects of the supply chain. This allows us to be fast, agile with low MOQ’s and little inventory risk.


PatPat is committed to creating a better world for kids and family. We work hard to build an open and inclusive workplace, green and health lifestyle and a better planet. 

  • Sustainable Fabrics

We are the first kids apparel brand working with premium sustainable fibers such as Naia™, Sorona®.

We are committed to leveraging more and more sustainable fabrics in production. By the year of 2025, we hope every new PatPat products produced will be made of sustainable fibers and fabrics.

We guarantee no animal fibers are included in PatPat products

  • Eco-Friendly Production

At PatPat, we leverage modern digital printing technology which saves water and electricity; and we ship by boat and electric vehicles to save fossil energy.

We rate our supply chain partners by their CSR fulfillment, and choose to work with partners who are certified environmental friendly companies.

We srick to eco-friendly packaging. Our hangtags are made of FSC-certified materials and printed with biodegradable soy-based inks to minimize the generation of hazardous waste.

  • Inclusivity

We are dedicated in creating a workplace where girls, wifies and moms are happy to work in. Nearly 60% of our employees are females, and 37% of the management board consist of females.

Up to 15% CPA in exchange for additional exposure

Click HERE for PatPat Promo Calendar and Best Sellers

Top geos: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Australia, Spain, Germany, Brazil, France, India.

The best-sellers are here and here.

Why Promote PatPat:

  • 60 day cookie period
  • Data Feed
  • Incentive sites welcome, сoupons, cashback, comparison engine, deals sites get 5% commission for the existing client and 6% payout for the new one
  • Industry Sized Banners
  • Free Express Shipping
  • International Shipping

 We look forward to working with you!

PatPat PPC policy: tap here

Negative Keywords here

YOU MAY NOT use the Trademarked Names, PatPat, PatPat.COM, or any variations or misspelling of said names, in anymanner including but not limited to Pay per Click on Search Engines, asserting them in meta tags, hidden text, source code, domain Name or Any Other Part of Your Universal Record Locator or to direct traffic to any website other than our website. All bidding keywords should exclude PatPat TM and any variations or misspelling of PatPat TM

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