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Third-Party Advertisers are programs of Admitad Affiliate partners.

Managed by Advertisers are programs of small companies; advertisers manage them on their own. Such programs set loyal traffic requirements, so you can connect almost any ad space.

Managed by Admitad are advertiser programs controlled by Admitad Affiliate managers. They come with a wide set of tools, ad creatives, and offerings for publishers.

These programs pay bonus rewards to active publishers.

These programs are exclusive to Admitad.

These programs are subject to the advertisement marking law. Affiliate links for these programs now contain a special token, so you need to update them in your ad spaces.

Supports Instant Payout

These programs support Instant Payout Pro. This means you can get your earnings before the advertiser confirms the action.
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These programs support Instant Payout Lite. This means that you can get your earnings before the advertiser pays for the action.
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Advertisers found: 357

Average data for 48 hours

  • EPC 6.26$
  • Approval rate 79.52%
  • Cookie lifetime 41 days
  • CR 1.29%
  • Hold time 73 days
  • Payment time 82 days
Payment term: 95 days
Conversion rate: 4%
Confirmation rate: 74%
Payment term: 83 days
Conversion rate: 8%
Confirmation rate: 91.1%
Payment term: 74 days
Conversion rate: 2%
Confirmation rate: 95.7%
Payment term: 50 days
Conversion rate: 5.1%
Confirmation rate: 91.8%
Payment term: 76 days
Conversion rate: 3.1%
Confirmation rate: 93.6%
Payment term: 47 days
Conversion rate: 2.6%
Confirmation rate: 58.5%
Payment term: 64 days
Conversion rate: 4.5%
Confirmation rate: 77.1%
Payment term: 58 days
Conversion rate: 0.3%
Confirmation rate: 83.2%
Payment term: 101 days
Conversion rate: 6.4%
Confirmation rate: 93.3%
Payment term: 73 days
Conversion rate: 4.4%
Confirmation rate: 82.5%
Payment term: 45 days
Conversion rate: 0.8%
Confirmation rate: 67.2%
Payment term: 24 days
Conversion rate: 1.3%
Confirmation rate: 37.9%
Payment term: 40 days
Conversion rate: 1.2%
Confirmation rate: 87.7%
Payment term: 121 days
Conversion rate: 1.9%
Confirmation rate: 76.7%
Payment term: 75 days
Conversion rate: 3.7%
Confirmation rate: 96.5%
Payment term: 67 days
Conversion rate: 0.4%
Confirmation rate: 73.5%
Payment term: 142 days
Conversion rate: 2.3%
Confirmation rate: 95.8%
Payment term: 19 days
Conversion rate: 0.2%
Confirmation rate: 71.1%
Payment term: 56 days
Conversion rate: 0.1%
Confirmation rate: 72.8%
Payment term: 104 days
Conversion rate: 0.6%
Confirmation rate: 64.6%
Payment term: 97 days
Conversion rate: 0.6%
Confirmation rate: 83.2%
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Admitad is a German IT company headquartered in Heilbronn that develops and invests in services for media buying, increasing sales and attracting customers through online advertising, traffic and content monetization and earnings using a single platform.
Founded 2009-09-01, Lise-Meitner-Str, Heilbronn
Founder Alexander Bachmann