Giftmio [Lifetime] Many GEOs

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  • Approval rate 2.8%
  • Cookie lifetime 30 dias
  • CR 0.1%
  • Avg. hold time 20 dias
  • Average payment time 21 dias

Informações sobre o Programa de Afiliados em Brasil

Where I can get a link to cashback?
Here's a guide for you :)

Get paid for 12 months for referring a user to Giftmio revenue share program.

  • You as a publisher recieve 100% publisher commission from purchase made from advertiser, for whom the cashback link was generated
  • The amount of the user's cashback is 50% or more of the amount of commission you received as a publisher
  • The user is interested in receiving his cashback and therefore user will make the necessary settings in the browser privacy or Adblock, in order for us to be able to credit him cashback
  • You as a publisher recieve 50% commission on all purchases made by a reffered user within 12 months. The amount of this commission averages $20 per user based on our statistics.
  • Giftmio project, providing cashback links - is separated and extremely motivated team to maximize your income from your reffered users.

Giftmio affiliate program is here to help you grow your business as we offer: 

  • Boosting user engagement through promotions, newsletters, and active support
  • Access to over 30000+ online stores for user purchases
  • Tools and promotional materials to stimulate traffic

The program is applicable in the following countries:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Ukraine, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, United Kingdom, and the USA.

* For disputable cases, payment per registration percentage can be altered by the advertiser depending on your traffic quality.

Feel free to reach out to us at: for any inquiries.

Please be aware of the following constraints:

  • Incentives are not supported on our platform. In the event that publishers violate this rule, they will be banned indefinitely and forfeit any pending payments.
  • Direct advertising from search engines is strictly prohibited. All income from such users will not be paid out.
  • Using creative materials from our direct or indirect competitors on social networks is not advised
  • Impersonating Giftmio is prohibited, including websites, apps, and communities on behalf of Giftmio.
  • Spamming on social media, competitor sites, and our affiliate online stores is strictly regulated and prohibite; this also includes direct messaging on these platforms without Giftmio consent. 
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