• EPC 4$
  • Approval rate 79.9%
  • Cookie lifetime 30 days
  • CR 0.2%
  • Avg. hold time 39 days
  • Average payment time 43 days

Affiliate Program Information

2407.pl - Leader in the sale of car parts in Poland.

Information about the affiliate program

Detailed description of the program:

  1. The campaign is settled using the CPS model;
  2. The commission rate is from 3.50%;
  3. Cookies are stored for 30 days;
  4. Approvals take place within 14 to 60 days of the sale;
  5. The average value of a customer's order is over PLN 400.

Key indicators:

  • Number of unique users per month: 100,000+,
  • Conversion rate in 6 months – 5%.

Allowed traffic sources:

  1. Price Comparison Sites;
  2. CSS partners;
  3. Content projects;
  4. Discount Coupon Sites;
  5. Cashback sites;
  6. Loyalty programs;
  7. Display (banner-teaser) advertising partners;
  8. Facebook groups;
  9. In-app advertising;
  10. Influencers;
  11. Implementing mailing campaigns - needs approval;
  12. Subnetworks (smaller affiliate networks).

PAY ATTENTION! Partners who generate paid traffic, for example via Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads are accepted by prior approval of the advertiser. 


Information about 2407 company 

Why do customers choose us?

  • We offer exceptional service and the widest offer that no other online store in Poland has. We cooperate with over 100 suppliers who have warehouses both in Poland and abroad, thanks to which we can quickly deliver goods to order.
  • In our store you can easily find the car part you need thanks to the extensive search engine. It allows you to match spare parts by VIN number, which ensures compatibility with the vehicle. You can also search by original part number (OE/OEM) or by car brand.
  • Our offer also includes sports and tourist articles, such as tents, hammocks, bags, backpacks and flashlights. Additionally, during the holiday season we offer gifts, such as tools and equipment for car enthusiasts.
  • Our team of advisors always provides professional assistance, supporting customers in selecting the right parts.
  • We have a dedicated call center on board.
  • We provide the possibility of collecting the order at a branch in Warsaw, which makes our service even more accessible to customers.
  • Our service is available both in Polish and in foreign languages, such as Ukrainian, Russian, English and German, which facilitates communication with our clients.
  • The high quality of our services is confirmed by over 4,000 positive, real opinions, including over 3,200 on Allegro, 320+ on Opineo and 900+ on Ceneo.

Additional benefits for customers:

  • Refundable VAT (TAX Free) for tourists.
  • We provide a full 12-month or up to 20,000 km warranty.
  • Free delivery in Poland on orders over PLN 299.
  • Regular discounts and discounts as well as a loyalty bonus system for regular customers.
  • We develop our mobile applications available in Google Play and Apple Store, providing convenient store access.

7 (of many) reasons why you should work with us:

  1. Trust and Conscientiousness. Our approach to cooperation with publishers is based on building trust and caring for partnership relations, which translates into solid cooperation.
  2. Reliability Confirmed by a Certificate. As a member of the Rzetelna Firma program, we have an appropriate certificate that proves our credibility and professionalism https://wizytowka.rzetelnafirma.pl/A3Q70FOK
  3. Responsibility. We never reject leads that lead to sales.
  4. Zero Tolerance for Fraud and Spam. Our policy is based on a strict fight against fraud and spam. Only honest actions and reliable communication count here.
  5. Innovative Software for Flexibility. We have innovative, unique, and dynamic software, so we are flexible in adapting to changes and publishers' needs.
  6. Cooperation with Comparison Engines and Expansion of XML Feed. Our cooperation with comparison websites is another step in developing publishers' capabilities. We follow modern trends by adapting our offer to partners.
  7. We provide uptime of 99.9%. Our efficient and reliable platform is available whenever you need it.
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