Acko_Car Insurance [CPS] IN Affiliate Program

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  • EPC 454$
  • Approval rate 75.3%
  • Cookie lifetime 30 days
  • CR 0.5%
  • Avg. hold time 34 days
  • Average payment time 37 days

Program Information

Company Description: Acko is general insurance company. Now, before those words conjure images of beige walls and bleak souls in your head, let us tell you we are vibrant and vivacious, and were founded to break that drab mould you were about to cast us in.

Acko started in 2016 as India’s first digital insurer, and are currently the fastest growing insurance company in the country. In a span of three years, Acko has revved up insurance with technology and given it a snazzy makeover—we’ve taken it online, wiped out much of the paperwork associated with it, created products that are a cut above the ho-hum, and sold them to over 50 million unique customers.

Campaign Description: This ACKO campaign is for car insurance where the affiliate must divert the traffic to the Advertiser site with optimizations on sales. All allowed promotional methods are selected under traffic sources.

User journey: Lead (Phone number) > Qualified lead (User reaches quote page) > Purchase

Target Audience: 

  • Age: 27 - 44
  • Car Owners

Campaign Objective: The objective of the campaign is to deliver sales for the Acko car insurance.

Why Join:

  1. High converting campaign.
  2. Good approval rate
  3. Good payouts.

ame) that you don’t want publishers to use in contextual ads

Benefits for customers: Competitive pricing, zero paperwork, hassle free claim settlement

Target audience portrait: gender, age, income, occupation, marital status, etc.

Popular products: ACKO car insurance

Brand positioning tips: Competitive pricing, zero paperwork, hassle free claim settlement

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