Bath & Body Works Many GEOs Affiliate Program

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  • EPC 3$
  • Approval rate 72.2%
  • Cookie lifetime 15 days
  • CR 0.4%
  • Avg. hold time 100 days
  • Average payment time 100 days

Affiliate Program Information

For over 20 years, Bath & Body Works creates incredible scents and offers to the customers hundreds of quality products. Customers look to Bath & Body Works for quality, on-trend products and the newest, freshest fragrances. Pampering collections such as Cocoa Shea, Fragrances with Essential Oils, and Aromatherapy simply add to the charm, whilst the Men's Collection includes masculine fragrances to clean, refresh and soften skin 

Benefits of Bath & Body Works affiliate program: 

  • a lot of deals and offers 
  • very popular project 
  • competitive prices 

For context/SEM campaigns please use the list of prohibited keywordsBrand Bidding is not allowed. Prohibited usage of brand name, as well as any misspellings and variations: "Bath & Body works" (e.g., "Bathandbodyworks", etc). Prohibited usage of the brand name + geo/voucher / coupon.  The publisher will be immediately disconnected if any violation found.



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