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  • EPC 86$
  • Approval rate 90.8%
  • Cookie lifetime 90 days
  • CR 0.7%
  • Avg. hold time 37 days
  • Average payment time 90 days

Affiliate Program Information

Better Life is home to the world's best brands in kitchen appliances with a wide choice of over 400 products from more than eight international brands including Siemens, Smeg, Gorenje, Zanussi, Vestfrost, Terim, Solis, Hostess, Forbes and Better Life's own brand - Wolf Power.

Top Brands: 

  1. Siemens 
  2. Smeg 
  3. Solis 
  4. Gorenje 
  5. Zanussi 
  6. Vestforst 
  7. Forbes 
  8. Dyson 
  9. Hitachi 



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