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Company Decription - Established in 1962 as a glassware manufacturing enterprise, their journey has been one of remarkable transformation, evolving into India's premier consumer ware brand. Their unwavering commitment to excellence has earned them the distinction of being the unrivaled market leader in consumer glassware. Over the years, their product portfolio has expanded exponentially to encompass a diverse range of offerings, including Cookware, Opalware dinner sets and Serveware(marketed under the esteemed Larah Opalware by Borosil brand), kitchen appliances, storage solutions, glass lunch boxes, and stainless-steel vacuum insulated flasks and bottles. In essence, they are deeply embedded in every stage of a customer's daily routine, offering an extensive array of everyday essentials that cater to every step of prepping, cooking, serving, and storage requirements. As they navigate the pressing concerns surrounding the health and environmental impact of plastics, they are swiftly diversifying their product range to present consumers with convenient, safe, and eco-conscious alternatives. Their pioneering glass lunch box collection and reusable water bottles, as well as insulated mugs, exemplify their commitment to sustainability. Today, their products have found their place in nearly every household and office, not just within India but also across numerous countries worldwide. With a rapidly expanding presence in international markets and ongoing endeavors for further expansion, their brand remains synonymous with durable, reliable, and innovative solutions that effortlessly streamline and elevate every facet of a customer's daily life.

Campaign Description - This is a Cost-per-sale campaign where the publishers need to drive sales on Borosil's website. 

Target/Region - PAN India

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