C&A PL Affiliate Program

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  • EPC 9$
  • Approval rate 81%
  • Cookie lifetime 30 days
  • CR 3.4%
  • Avg. hold time 103 days
  • Average payment time 106 days

Affiliate Program Information

C&A is a perfect combination of tradition, fashionable styles and good service. The C&A online store offers a large selection of fashionable clothing for children and adults at affordable prices. In addition, it is one of the leading producers of clothes made of certified organic cotton. We value who we work with. As part of our partner program, we are looking for people who share our common passion for fashion and sustainability.

Advantages of cooperation with the C&A PL program:

  • attractive rates: standard rate + separate rate for cashback/coupons,
  • available product feed,
  • the ability to work with CSS and search campaigns,
  • discounts and promotions.

Allowed traffic sources:

  1. Content sites, reviews
  2. mobile traffic
  3. Comparison sites
  4. Cashback
  5. Loyalty programs
  6. Coupons, deals, and promocodes
  7. Google Ads (without brand) - needs approval
  8. Messengers (PPC) - needs approval
  9. Groups and blogs on Facebook
  10. Influencers (Instagram, YouTube) - needs approval
  11. email marketing
  12. Banner and teaser advertising (display advertising)
  13. PopUp / ClickUnder - needs approval
  14. Toolbar - needs approval
  15. Subnetworks - needs approval
  16. Retargeting - needs approval.

Program rates:

  • vouchers - 2%
  • cashback - 3%
  • other publishers - 7%.

WARNING! The use of the brand in Google Ads campaigns is prohibited! For violations, the entire commission will be canceled.

List of negative keywords - LIST.

WARNING! The use of coupons that are not added to the program (e.g. customer campaigns, etc.) is not allowed. We reserve the right to cancel such orders and to exclude partners who violate them.

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