DiscoverCars WW Affiliate Program

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  • EPC 20$
  • Approval rate 78.1%
  • Cookie lifetime 365 days
  • CR 3.5%
  • Avg. hold time 88 days
  • Average payment time 93 days

Program Information

DiscoverCars WW affiliate program

Please note that at the moment on the side of Admitad there is no technical possibility of marking online advertisement and submitting data to the Online Advertising Register in the offer. is an Award winning car rental comparison website (World Travel Awards, Financial Times 1000, Inc. 5000). Customers can find, compare and rent a car globally. We have over 1 million users traffic in the high season, a very high customer review on TrustPilot and already partner with some of the top webmasters in the travel vertical.

How much can you earn?
Websites with under 10,000 monthly traffic can expect to have 25 bookings per month and $700 USD earnings.
Websites with 10,001-50,000 monthly traffic can expect to have 70 bookings per month and $2,000 USD earnings.
Websites with over 50,001 monthly traffic can expect to have 100+ bookings per month and $3,000 USD earnings.

Who do we work with?
Travel Blogs, Online Travel Agencies, Accommodation sites, Mobile Apps, Travel Companies, Airports, Airlines.

54% commission on each car rental reservation and additionally 23% commission on each car rental reservation’s additional product FullCoverage purchase (insurance type of a product). All commissions are paid from earned commissions.
Cookies: 365 days.

Your commission example:
Average 7 days rental in Tenerife: 54% from 16.66 EUR booking + 23% from 44.52 EUR Full Coverage = 8.99 + 10.24 =
19.23 EUR Your commission

What has changed because of COVID-19

The pandemic has undoubtedly hit the travel industry hard resulting in numerous cancellations and a significant decline in bookings. At, we follow the ongoing situation and adapt to the circumstances while being honest with both our customers and our partners. Despite the uncertainty of the situation, we remain financially stable and reliable, particularly when it comes to payments. Bookings have shifted to being made at the last minute by customers instead of trips being planned ahead of time. Our top-selling destinations have changed often due to the ever-changing landscape concerning lockdowns.

How long would I have to wait to get paid?

We pay our affiliates 60 days after the rental drop-off. This is the standard in the

Sales attribution
You earn commissions from every purchase users make whether on both the desktop and mobile versions of the website.

Confirmation process
The booking status is updated two days after the car is returned to the rental location.
! You only earn a commission if the customer physically appears to pick up the car and uses the service. !

Benefits of joining the affiliate program of DiscoverCars:

  • Cookie lifetime 365 days
  • Competitive pricing in over 10,000 locations worldwide
  • Website is available in 17 languages
  • High customer satisfaction rating: 4,4/5 on TrustPilot, 4,3/5 on Google, 4,2 on Review Center.

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Travel Bloggers:



Online Travel Agencies:


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