Lost Ark [CPP] RU + CIS Affiliate Program

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  • EPC 33 ₽
  • Approval rate 100%
  • Cookie lifetime 30 days
  • CR 1.3%
  • Avg. hold time 14 days
  • Average payment time 15 days

Affiliate Program Information

Connect to the partner program - "Lost Ark [CPP] RU + CIS"

Rules for working with the program:


  • Advertising on social networks is prohibited, except for MyTarget!
  • When using targeted advertising (MyTarget), the recommended target audience: men from 18 years old;
  • Advertising on Youtube, Teaser networks allowed

LOST ARK is a game that combines classic old-school isometric action RPG gameplay with MMO elements. In LOST ARK, players will be able to explore a huge world, immerse themselves in an exciting and epic storyline, become the protector of the Ark, save the world from demons and their powerful master. Heroes will experience adventures on land, sea and uncharted islands, custom dungeons, world bosses, fights with other players in the arena and in large-scale battles, as well as many mysteries, challenges, mini-games - and even a card game!

What attracts users to the game "Lost Ark [CPP] RU + CIS":

LOST ARK has every chance to become a real blockbuster in the MMORPG world!

  • The ability to conduct massive battles;
  • The ability to defend fortresses or fight in open areas to gain access to valuable resources;
  • Lots of adventures and tasks;
  • Rich, well-thought-out plot;
  • Large number of classes


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