Rakuten FR Affiliate Program

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  • EPC 4$
  • Approval rate 97.6%
  • Cookie lifetime 30 days
  • CR 1.4%
  • Avg. hold time 87 days
  • Average payment time 87 days

Program Information

Founded in 2001, PriceMinister invents “Guaranteed Buy - Sell” on the Internet.
PriceMinister puts sellers and buyers in direct contact, and provides everyone with all the guarantees that each transaction is successful. For the seller, it is the guarantee of being paid, and for the buyer the guarantee of receiving a product in accordance with the advertisement, or failing to be reimbursed. Thus, PriceMinister allows everyone, private or professional, to buy and sell new and used products on the Internet, directly, at the best price, and in complete safety.

The site now has more than 14 million members and brings together nearly 500 million articles of all categories: cultural, Hi-Tech, image and sound, home and garden, furniture and decoration, household appliances, fashion, gastronomy and many others.

Since 2010, PriceMinister is part of the Japanese group Rakuten, and in 2018 adopted the name Rakuten.


  • 3% Base Commission
  • 3% when Product Category is on the list Electro
  • 3.38% when Product Category is on the list Informatique
  • 3.75% when Product Category is on the list Maison
  • 4.5% when Product Category is on the list Auto
  • 5.25% when Product Category is on the list Jeuxvideo
  • 6% when Product Category is on the list Art_Mode
  • 6.75% when Product Category is on the list Livres_Video

* Contextual advertising is prohibited.

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