Dogs’n Tiger DACH

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  • Approval rate 92.8%
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  • CR 0.9%
  • Avg. hold time 48 днів
  • Average payment time 48 днів

Program information

Dogs'n Tiger - species-appropriate food for furry friends

Good nutrition is important! Not only for us humans, but also for our best friends.
This means our house tigers and dogs. Dogs 'n' Tiger has taken on the topic and
together with the veterinarian Karin Schlotterbeck created the perfect food for your darling.
Now you can become part of the success story and a very good one at the same time
earn commission.

Benefits for users:

  • 100% food grade
  • very high meat content
  • free from artificial flavors
  • no preservatives
  • sustainable packaging & shipping (Go Green)
  • developed in cooperation with a veterinarian
  • 15% discount in subscription
  • Free shipping from 29€
  • extensive payment methods
  • and much more

Advantages for you as a partner:

  • high-quality products
  • high commissions
  • very low cancellation rates
  • high ratings at Trusted Shops (4.77)
  • fast shop with high conversion rate (Shopify)
  • highest quality product presentation
  • Personal contact for partners & breeders
  • Partner newsletter whenever there is exciting information for partners.

Conditions of participation:

Voucher Policy:

Only vouchers that are stored in the network as advertising material are allowed to be used.
If vouchers are used, which are not stored in the network, all the commissions, which have arisen
up to this date and are still open, will be canceled without warning. Furthermore, the partner will be
excluded from the affiliate program without warning. This also applies to fake vouchers.
Exclusive vouchers are excluded from this rule. You accept these terms by applying to the affiliate program.

The following types of application are not permitted:

  • SEM / SEA
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • forced click
  • Advertising on Pornographic Sites
  • Advertising on gambling sites
  • PostView
  • retargeting

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